A spectacular Tourist Place HUNZA VALLEY

Hunza-Terraced-FieldsHunza valley ia glorious and mountainous valley near the Gilgit in Pakistan.  It is situated at an elevation of 2438meters. The much renowed Hunza Valley is often refered to as heaven on earth.  There are a grand Himalayas and Karakoram mountains.  This place has been a great tourist attraction for many years.  Peoples feel an urge to go to the valley and see its beauty with his own eyes.  

    Karakoram highway crosses Hunza, connecting Pakistan to china.  Regular bus  and van services used for the transportation between Gilgit and central Hunza(Ganish village, Aliabad,Karim Abad).  There were so many flowers alongside the road from Hussain Abad to Aliabad .

A friend of mine to whom i met at Guadalupe River Tubing where he told me that Once me and my friend make a program to visit the Hunza Valley.  We started our journey from Gilgit.  First we reached a small village, we started for chalt.  On the way we saw a swing bridge which was made by the local people.  The way from Nomal to chalt was covered with fruit,laden trees.  From chalt we went to another village, maiun.  Then we went to Hasan Abad and in this way we reached Hunza Valley.  This valley consist of a number of small villages.  It is also a capital of the state.  From Hunza we went to another village Pasu, it is situated near Karakoram range.  He saw the Pasu glacier and the famous Balura glacier.  The latter is the fourth largest mountain glacier in the world.  The beauty of the glacier was enhancing.  we spent the Patum Das.  Next day, we started our descent and reached Lszhdar.  It is a beautiful village with small huts.  After passing the night at Pasu Gah, we started our return journey.

    During the journey, we also observed very closely the habits, customs, traditions and ways of living of its people. The people of Hunza are muslim by faith.  They belong to mulai sect.  They love old customs and tradition.  They are very hard working and adventurous.  Both men and women work in the field while their children graze their cattle.  The only occupation for the people is farming.  Their main crop are wheat,barley, and oats.  Gold washing in the streams is another source of income.  But mostly people consider dishonourable profession. women are expert in embriodery work.  But they do not use their skill to earn money.  Their traditional game is polo.  Every village has a polo ground of its own

    We much impressed by the kind behaviour of the people of Hunza.  They are very kind,hospitable and considerate.  They welcome the tourist with open arms and make their stay in the valley comfortable.

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